Pontoon Information

We’ve tried to anticipate your  questions below with our pontoon information. If we still haven’t got you covered, simply contact us to talk through your needs.

Can I install my floating pontoon myself?

Yes, you can. Pontoon Plus block floats operate a modular system and they are easy to install yourself.

Can I get someone to install my floating block project for me?

We are happy to assist you in your install. Standard delivery and installation assistance fees are $250 for an install of up to 15 metres within 50km of the Auckland CBD. All other installation will need to be quoted. Please contact us to arrange a price.

Are the pontoons easy to use and work with?

Yes they are. They are modular and easy to configure to fit your needs. The video to the right demonstrates just how easy it is to move these pontoons around.


How long will my floating pontoon last?

Pontoons have a 1-year warranty against manufacturing failures and should be expected to last up to 15 years.

How much weight can my floating pontoon take?

Every square metre of the 50 x 50 x 40 standard floats (i.e. 4 floats) can support 350kg.

Can I moor my boat next to my floating block jetty?

Yes of course you can. Pontoon Plus float blocks are the ideal solution to creating a jetty for all boats, runabouts and jetskis of up to 10 metres.

What maintenance is required?

We recommend taking the floating blocks out of the water annually to clean and remove barnacles.

Can I insure my floating pontoon?

Yes, it can be insured as part of your house insurance.

Do I need to take my floating platform/jetty/walkway in over winter?

There is no need to do this but doing so will reduce weed and barnacle growth. Floating pontoons can easily be towed a short distance by a quad bike or ordinary car. This, of course, depends on the size but they can also easily be broken into sections for convenient storage.

Pontoon Information

If we haven’t answered your question above please contact us and we’d be happy to help.